Flyover 3D function in iOS 6 Maps hacked to work on the iPhone 4 (video)

Flyover function in iOS 6 Maps hacked to work on the iPhone 4
Russia is not a country that can be told "No" and get away with it easily, as developer Anton Titkov (iTony) demonstrates with his iOS 6 beta Maps app hack. He has ported Apple's newborn 3D mapping function called Flyover to the iPhone 4, although it is only meant to officially run on the iPhone 4S and the new iPad.

The concoction, called 3D Enabler, is running on an iPhone 4 with iOS 6 beta and the earlier jailbreak, and so far there is no word if voice-guided navigation will be coming too, since it needs Siri present in order to function.

The process of hacking Flyover onto the iPhone 4 is not for the faint of heart, but if you are curious about it, you can follow the instructions in the source link. At least it proves that restricting Flyover to run only on newer Apple gear has nothing to do with the chip generation, as was previously inferred.

source: via SlashGear

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