Florida State Senator seeks state-wide ban on texting and driving

Florida State Senator seeks state-wide ban on texting and driving
Florida State Senator Maria Sachs, a Democrat from Delray Beach, has sponsored a bill for the upcoming legislature that would make it illegal to text or engage in a cellphone conversation while driving. Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, who backs the bill, joined Sachs at a public demonstration of the effects of using a cellphone while behind the wheel. 100,000 crashes a year are the result of texting or talking while driving. Distracted driving was behind 3,331 fatalities in 2011.

The bill proposed by Sachs would make it illegal to text or have a cellphone conversation without using a hands-free set-up. The first offense would result in a $100 fine with higher fines for a second and a third offense. No Driver's License points would be subtracted. Sachs sees both Republicans and Democrats supporting the bill which would "stop the slaughter that's going on our highways," she said.

During the demonstration that took place on Wednesday, Deputy Ian Hunt drove a Chevy Suburban at 35 miles an hour, trying to change lanes while texting. The result was some erratic driving that led Hunt to knock down half a dozen traffic cones and nearly flip over the Suburban. According to the Broward College Institute of Public Safety's driving instructor Wayne Boulier, texting and driving makes you drive blind and lose seconds in reaction time. "What usually happens is you overcompensate, over-steer or under-steer," said Boulier. Students using a simulator drove off the road or crashed while texting.

While Senator Sachs says that while it will take some time to educate people about text-free driving, it will eventually happen.

source: SunSentinel



1. idroidequis

Posts: 103; Member since: Jan 23, 2013

They should just double the fine to 200$. Theres no excuse to text and drive.

2. Reluctant_Human

Posts: 914; Member since: Jun 28, 2012

I agree that this is a huge hazard, especially considering that so many people on the road are horrible drivers without extra distractions.

3. Nathan_ingx

Posts: 4769; Member since: Mar 07, 2012

This should me made a worldwide offence.

4. timtimity

Posts: 196; Member since: Aug 13, 2012

I'm genuinely surprised this isn't already illegal. In the UK any use of a mobile phone whilst driving, or supervising a learner driver, is illegal. This includes being stopped at traffic lights. The only exceptions are emergency calls.

5. ajac09

Posts: 1482; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

lets also ban car thieves and high speed chases.. oh already banned... that's effective...

6. cripton805

Posts: 1485; Member since: Mar 18, 2012

Its illegal in CA to talk or text. People still do it, including cops. Occasionally some will do their job as an excuse to pull you over. I use speakerphone or my cars speakers instead. They should ban speed sensors though and light cameras. Instead of spending money on that, they should get a better light system that works for motorcycles. I have to run lights because Im stuck there for 10+ minutes at a time if someone doesnt come and trip the sensor

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