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Floatify brings floating, Material Design-esque notifications to your non-rooted Android device


With theunveiling of Android L, the floating notifications that were showcased alongside it began to grow inpopularity pretty quickly. We already showed you how to get suchheads-up notifications on your rooted and non-rooted Android device(courtesy of an Xposed module), but little did we know that GooglePlay is yet to experience an influx of apps that come with similarfunctionalities. One of the latest and, arguably, most customizableones is Floatify.

It's a pretty straightforward app, whichdoes exactly what it says – it displays your incoming pushnotifications in a stacked fashion on top of whatever you are doingat the moment. The notifications in question span edge-to-edge andare completely interactive, which means that you can not only swipethem away to oblivion, but also expand them and open thecorresponding app with a single tap. One of the aspects of Floatifythat we really like is its deep bag of customizability options. Well, the availableone are not limitless, but even more advanced customization geeksshould be content with the available features.

Apart from changingtheir looks and overall design, Floatify allows you to determine theon-screen position of the floating notifications – you can set themto appear either at the top, center, or the bottom of the display.Blacklisting and whitelisting are two more vital features that areavailable out of the box, too. Moreover, if you don't want theheads-up notifications to obstruct your current view, you candetermine their opacity and make them semi-transparent.

However,some of the more curious and advanced customization options, such asgesture actions, additional style tweaks, and 3rd-partyicons for the notifications are only available via an in-apppurchase. Still, if you are into the floating heads-up notificationsthat will officially debut along with Android L this autumn, thenFloatify seems like an app you should give a try.

Download:Floatify (Android)

via: XDA

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