Flagship on the cheap: LG G6 now available at discount from Amazon Prime


This year, the Amazon Prime program stirred a bit of controversy as it slowly gained popularity and came to the public eye. Basically, it goes like this — you can get a brand-new smartphone for a pretty good discount, but the device's lock screen will feed you Amazon Prime ads every time you light it up. A lot of people despised the idea of "selling out" their lockscreen for a discount, but plenty enjoy the opportunity. And, to clear things up, you can pay an extra $50 down the line and have the ads removed from your phone.

Thus far, the Prime program only had midrangers and low-tier devices in its roster, so it wasn't something to get super-excited about. However, starting today, we've got 4 new LG phones in there — the low-range X charge, the Q6, and then the flagship LG G6 and its bigger G6+ brother.

The LG G6+ is an upgraded version of your regular G6 that comes with 128 GB of storage, a Hi-Fi DAC to please audiophiles, and a set of B&O Play earphones straight in the box. On the Amazon Prime program, you can get it for $499.99, while the "regular" LG G6 comes for $399.99 — quite a steal.

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