Five smart accessories you’ve probably never heard of

Five smart accessories you’ve probably never heard of
Every once in a while, we stumble upon some clever, original, and simply ingenious smartphone accessories that few people really know about. These gizmos go to show that some people think a step beyond Bluetooth wireless headsets and rubbery protective cases. Understandingly, we cannot remain idle and keep the knowledge to ourselves. Ladies and gents, we give you a pick of our five favorite smart accessories that you've probably never heard of.

TK-421 iPhone physical keyboard | $39.99

The first item on our list is called the TK-421. No, it is not the unfortunate stormtrooper that got shot by Han Solo. The TK-421 is actually a neat wireless physical keyboard made especially for the iPhone, and delivers that full QWERTY goodness that Steve Jobs is so not fond of. Say goodbye to typing on a glass screen without that warm feeling that tactile feedback brings. The TK-421 has 49 wonderful clicky plastic keys that will surely boost your typing speed, and when it is not in use, the keyboard simply flips in place behind the phone and doubles as a light-duty protective case.

i-Got-Control iPhone universal remote control | $49.99

The i-Got-Control universal remote control attachment brings yet another nice-to-have feature to the oh-so-versatile tool that the iPhone has become. It simply slides into the 30-pin connector port, where you would usually plug your charging cable in, and grants the iPhone with power to control thousands of different devices as if you were using a stock remote. Through the free application, you can even add new devices to the ones that i-Got-Control can already communicate with out of the box – pretty neat for a gadget that does not require batteries!

Agloves conductive touchscreen gloves | $17.99

Gloves and capacitive touchscreens do not get along very well, do they? The fact is that the displays on most modern smartphones need to be in direct contact with your fingers in order to respond. Luckily, Agloves are made to tackle this obstacle and allow you to operate your touchscreen gadgets while still keeping your paws warm. The secret lies in the special conductive fiber that the Agloves were partially woven with – a simple, yet effective solution that will not burn a hole through your pocket.

Kiwi Bluetooth car diagnostic kit | $99.99

Android smartphone users who also happen to be sworn petrol heads are going to love this next gadget. The Kiwi Bluetooth car diagnostic kit attaches to your car's OBDII port (any vehicle made after 1996 should have one under the steering wheel) and wirelessly sends all kinds of technical data to your handset. It can do anything from reporting cryptic error codes sent from the vehicle's computer to monitoring your car's fuel consumption, engine temperature, boost pressure, horsepower, torque, and so on in real time.

iBottleopener case for iPhone | $16.99 - $19.99

How many times have you been stuck with a case of ice-cold beer for you and your buddies, and nobody has a bottle opener on them? We also know how that feels. The iBottleopener solves the problem once and for all – it is basically an iPhone case with a bottle opener attached to its back. So, the iBottleopener will not only protect your handset from scratches and bruises, but it may also turn you into the next party's hero.

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