Fitbit to make it easier to share AFib data with medical professionals

Fitbit to make it easier to share AFib data with medical professionals
Smartwatches have become quite popular for their health sensors. Fitbit watches can check for signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib), which is irregular and rapid heartbeak. Google is now making it easier to share AFib data with your doctor so that your Fitbit is even more helpful in cases like this.

Fitbit says nearly 10 million people have enabled Fitbit's AFib notifications. When something concerning was found by the smartwatch, you could "export and share your AFib data separately". But now, things are becoming easier.

The Fitbit Web API is now getting AFib endpoints, which will help with simpler integration and sharing. These endpoints don't require healthcare partners to build their own apps for data exchange.

Examples of how these endpoints can be used:
  • A hospital can incorporate the data into a heart health program and if a patient receives an Irregular Rhythm Notification, the hospital can set up testing to make a formal diagnosis.
  • A health program can be developed for groups of people at risk for AFib. This helps with early detection and treatment and helps prevent strokes.
  • Researchers can use the data in their studies to make it easier to understand the impact of Irregular Rhythm Notifications on outcomes.

You should be getting a notification from the Fitbit app when you'll be able to share AFib data. In order to be able to do that, you have to be a patient or a member of a health organization using the new IRN endpoints.

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