Finding the .com button on iOS 7

Finding the .com button on iOS 7
One of the little changes that took place with the iOS 7 update was the apparent removal of the .com button from the Apple iPhone's QWERTY keyboard. For most people this is far from being a big deal. After all, the auto-fill feature on the OS will complete an address in the blink of an eye if you're typing in a site you've visited before. And yeah, it wouldn't kill you to type in .-c-o-m if you're visiting a site you have never visited before. But let's face it, many iPhone users are creatures of habit and they are used to using the .com button even if it is not really needed.

Well, here is the good news. Even though you might not see it on the keyboard, the .com button is still available along with a number of other extensions. And all you need to do to get to them is long press the period button. That will call up commonly used extensions like .edu, .org, .us, .net and .com.

So that's it. There is no need to call Apple crying over your missing .com button, because guess what, it never left at all.

source: RedmondPie

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