Federal judge refuses to dismiss the FTC's antitrust suit against Qualcomm

Federal judge refuses to dismiss the FTC's antitrust suit against Qualcomm
Qualcomm, the largest smartphone chipset manufacturer in the world, isn't having the best time right now, litigation-wise. Its troubles don't just stop at the raging battle it's having with Apple, though: it's also the subject of an antitrust investigation from the Federal Trade Commission, which claims the company is using its market monopoly to extort phone makers for higher royalties.

Last we heard of the suit, Qualcomm had filed a motion for it to be dismissed on the claim that the FTC had not "adequately defended its... complaint." The US federal judge presiding over the case, however, wasn't impressed by the motion, and has now dismissed it, letting the lawsuit continue.

A Qualcomm representative defended the company's official position in an official statement sent to Cnet:

Do note, however, that this does not at all prove Qualcomm is guilty. In fact, we'll be witnessing quite a lengthy process in the future: antitrust suits aren't exactly known for their blazing fast speed. So this, combined with the much-publicized  Apple vs. Qualcomm battle, both paint a picture of a particularly litigious near future for the chip maker.

source: Cnet


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