Facebook Messenger chief admits the app is too cluttered, will be streamlined in 2018

Facebook Messenger has become too clutterd for its own good
Facebook's vice president of messaging products, David Marcus, has essentially uttered the essential complaints that tons of Facebook Messengers users have had for a while now - Facebook's dedicated messaging service has become way too cluttered for its own good.

In a rather extensive blog post detailing Facebook Messenger's plans for 2018, Marcus admitted that 2018 will be the year when the platform will ditch some of the useless features and become way more streamlined than it currently is. After all, there wouldn't have been any incentive for the development of the Android-only Facebook Messenger Lite if the flagship app was any good and user-friendly.

Of course, there were no mentions exactly which new-fangled aspects of Facebook Messenger are to be considered clutter. The Games section, as well as the Stories and the over-encumbered built-in camera app with tons of heavy AR filters immediately come to mind, though. We do hope that the useful pop-up chat heads and built-in uniform emojis remain a staple of the app.

Aside from streamlining Messenger, Marcus also revealed what Messenger will concentrate upon in 2018: better real-time and more 'visual' types of communications are coming along. If anything, this would further solidify Messenger's spot as one of the most popular messaging apps used globally, and with the advent of Messenger Kids, the platform is truly gunning for the coveted first spot.

source: Facebook

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