FM Radio coming to Windows Phone 8 in a few months

FM Radio coming to Windows Phone 8 in a few months
The FM radios on today's smartphones are rarely used for a number of reasons. For starters, our handsets now offer plenty of storage and can playback all kinds of media. Besides, there's always Spotify or Pandora for those times when data limitations aren't present. Oh, and of course, some smartphones (ahem, iPhone, ahem) don't support FM radio reception at all due to hardware restrictions.

Yet the good old FM radio will be making a comeback, it seems, at least on some Windows Phone 8 smartphones. For those who aren't aware of it, the feature was dropped in the OS even though it was present in Windows Phone 7.x. According to a Nokia insider, the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 will get FM radio support with an upcoming GDR2 (General Distribution Release) software update. The functionality will most likely get enabled on other Windows Phone 8 smartphones as well.

In addition, Nokia is said to be adding a few tweaks of its own to the aforementioned update. The new software will enable Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 owners to unlock their smartphones with a double tap on the screen. A new color profile and a "flip to mute" gesture might also make an appearance. 

This new Windows Phone 8 software update is supposedly scheduled to launch in several months. Whether all WP8 handsets will take full advantage of it, however, remains unclear.

source: The Verge



1. RaKithAPeiRiZ

Posts: 1488; Member since: Dec 29, 2011

i love radio

13. akki20892

Posts: 3902; Member since: Feb 04, 2013

more to come in next updates.......!!! something cool can't wait

2. alterecho

Posts: 1106; Member since: Feb 23, 2012

About time... If i remember correctly almost every WP8 shipped, regardless of manufacturer, has the FM hardware residing inside. That 'flip to mute ' functionality has been present in Nokia's Symbian phones for a long time. Its very useful indeed. Just turn the phone and it silences alarms, calls, and a few others.

3. user996

Posts: 221; Member since: Feb 25, 2013

is there any information about FM Transmitter?

4. RaKithAPeiRiZ

Posts: 1488; Member since: Dec 29, 2011

never seen those units in any handset after the N-Series

15. mousesports

Posts: 286; Member since: Feb 28, 2013

Nokia C7 have Fm transmiter ! I hope soon got for my L920

17. user996

Posts: 221; Member since: Feb 25, 2013

not only N-series have this feature C7 E7 701 and X2-02 also have it :))

14. EXkurogane

Posts: 863; Member since: Mar 07, 2013

I want the FM transmitter more than FM Radio, my N8 had it, and until now i had to carry that phone when i want to stream music to my car audio system because bluetooth is not available (for a 2013 model high spec/Grade E Honda City goddammit)...

5. Kreft

Posts: 84; Member since: Dec 27, 2012

Awesome. I've been waiting for this for a while!

6. UrbanPhantom

Posts: 949; Member since: Oct 30, 2012

I don't listen to FM radio much anymore, but why not enable the feature if my Lumia 920's hardware will support it? Sounds like a good deal to me :o)


Posts: 4851; Member since: Apr 13, 2012

Finally after long years of wait WP8 gets FM radio. How so sad, but then good news!

9. UrbanPhantom

Posts: 949; Member since: Oct 30, 2012

Yes, long years of waiting. That's how the rest of us feel, waiting for you to grow up ;o)


Posts: 4851; Member since: Apr 13, 2012

Surely UrbanPhantom Really waiting for WP9 and the "NOKIA LUMIA 940" Will be liking or maybe loving it like Android, til then hard to say! ™®©

8. kamen

Posts: 103; Member since: Jul 18, 2011, in each article you write for radio you try to convince us that FM radio is dead. Well, it is not. Judging by most comments it is still alive and kicking. If you do not believe me, setup a poll do you listen to: Radio, Player, Online streaming, none with multiple checkmarkas.

12. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

I agree. FM Radio isnt dead. Just for local stations alone it isnt dead. I like the talk shows, morning and evening. The Tune In Radio app has gotten better....but it still doesnt get all the local stations. Its funny cuz the app is better than the website. On my PC I have to go to individual stations sites at times to get their station.

11. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

Ok.....WP just got a lil more attention from me. I miss the FM Radio fron my Droid X1. I almost got a Bionic, and I'm still to this day thinking about getting one....just for the FM Radio...

16. 7thspaceman

Posts: 1597; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

windows Phone 8's blue update will surly make the windows smart phones up to par with other smart phones. what Microsoft also needs to do now is to make the modern UI tiles have rounded off corners and look more aero dynamic so Windows screens wont have those ugly tiles. windows 8 on desktops and laptops,. smart phones and tablets need a face lift real bad they need fancy looking art filled tiles instead of the homely looking sharp cornered tiles they have today. Yoo Microsoft it's not the technology of the Modern Ui tiles people hate it's the fact the tiles need to have rounded off corners and art work in them so the modern Ui interface looks good to the human eye. you will sell more Windows modern UI products if you learn what all good artists know and that is People like rounded off objects more than boxy rectangles and squares. Microsoft please get some ART Sense into your technology. I like the Modern UI tiles tech but damn round off the corners of the modern UI tiles and put some damn art work in them! if something looks good People are more likely to buy it. Microsoft will sell more products if they change the design of the modern UI tiles. this is one of the missing ingredient for Windows 8 to sell b better

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