New FIFA Mobile season out now on Android and iOS

New FIFA Mobile season out now on Android and iOS
EA has just refreshed its number one sports franchise – FIFA, with a brand new game that adds lots of new features and improvements. The new season of FIFA Mobile that's out on Android and iOS devices implements the so-called Chemistry feature, which rewards gamers for building teams of players from the same club, nation, league, or event.

The Chemistry feature was one of the favorite features of FIFA players on consoles, but starting November 7, this is available on mobile devices as well. When Chemistry between players in your team is positive, you'll receive advantages in Vs Attack in the form of better chances.

Another addition to the mobile series is the real-time head to head multiplayer mode, which was one of the most requested features by FIFA players. You can even play against an AI Trainer in Amateur and Pro Divisions to improve your skills on the pitch.

Important under-the-hood changes have been implemented too, such as a new engine that allows for better graphics, AI, player likeness and custom run styles and celebrations. Also, EA included a new VIP Program with special perks and privileges for members.

Keep in mind that FIFA Mobile requires a persistent Internet connection and although it's free on both the Android and iOS platforms, the game heavily relies on in-app purchases.



1. KakashiHatake4444

Posts: 69; Member since: Jul 30, 2018

Finally!!! Never seen a version of FIFA to beat FIFA 14, hope this one does

2. kartik.07

Posts: 71; Member since: May 04, 2015

Seriously FIFA 14 was the best version with offline play and alot of other things that they removed in later versions

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