FCC reveals the Samsung GT-i8000 Windows Mobile smartphone

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FCC reveals the Samsung GT-i8000 Windows Mobile smartphone
To tell you the truth, we are really keen on Windows Mobile smartphones. There is nothing like surfing the Web "lightning fast" with the portable version of Internet Explorer, or browsing through your files with the "beautiful" File Explorer. These are truly one in a million, and that is why we treasure every new WM phone that we hear of. Such kind of handset seems to be the GT-i8000, documents of which have been published by FCC. Aside from that, a Wi-Fi certificate of the device has been available for some time now, revealing some tasty details about it. First of all, the GT-i8000 will probably use WinMo 6.1, but we hope that this matter is still open for discussion. What is interesting here is that Cubic37 has been given as a Product name for the phone. This makes us think that in spite of being a WM device, the i8000 might still be incorporating Samsung’s upcoming interface, capable of displaying different homescreens on the sides of a cube (like the S8000). We hope to have more details (or even images!) of this one soon.

source: FCC and Wi-Fi (PDF) via CellPassion



1. chupum

Posts: 115; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

Whoever said that phonearena has an obvious bias for the Iphone is being shown that their argument might not hold as much water. Take that you haters.

2. Dood

Posts: 269; Member since: Mar 23, 2009

Oh's noes!

3. Astromanaught

Posts: 46; Member since: Mar 11, 2009

Is that sarcasm? if so you might need help with it. Yes, Windows mobile is a bit behind the times but What i dont understand is why windows mobiles gets critsized for being "bland and dull" while Blackberry is lauded for its "simplistic and clean" interface With 6.5, It looks like they're moving in the right direction with the zune-esque menu set up ( for those of you who hate the zune, have you actually used the software? Its one of the best looking-and aptly functional-media players out there.)

4. MikeG77

Posts: 426; Member since: Nov 24, 2008

Astromanaught i agree with you. Chupum you obviously can not read between the lines. This article has sarcasm written all over it and it clearly shows phonearenas bias toward the iphone.

5. Neolander unregistered

(Please remove. Double post.)

6. Neolander unregistered

Actually, I don't think that joking on WiMo is being an Apple fan. This OS, while it has a good community, is apart from this certainly one of the worse phone OS ever conceived. First, it is bloated, just look at the specs of a phone that would be able to run it smoothly (if there exists any). Second it is so ugly that one must add layers and layers of software to make it look good and get it partly finger-usable (only partly, as most config still is stylus-dependant). Third, it has very poor power management : any app (really any, even one that displays three buttons) will eat your battery lightning fast. Finally, the way it lets any app open unless you force it to close it (which one will easily forget) will drain your battery and eat memory and CPU time for absolutely NOTHING ! WiMo makes me think of Mac OS X (desktop I mean), but with a complete control panel and trying to run on a excessively low-powered hardware : it does not feel designed for a phone, more like some badly ported desktop computer OS concepts put together on phones by force. Some good phone OS ? Get any low- and mid- end nokia/lg/samsung/whatever phone, although some have a sluggish and bloated interface, most of the time there's some very nice work done. Want a smartphone ? If you like some okay to bad ergonomics put on massive horsepower, go symbian, if you're a noob who does not care about being locked down go iphone OS, if you feel geeky go android... But except for some specific app note available elsewhere and REALLY mandatory, I wouldn't go WiMo anymore, this OS is really junk... (PS : This is about WiMo today, future versions may get better, especially about the look and finger use. I don't except the bloat to be removed, or maybe someday after numerous years...)

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