Samsung S8000 Cubic specifications revealed

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Samsung S8000 Cubic specifications revealed
As we no longer use our phones to just communicate with one another, but as fashion attributes as well, many manufacturers seem to have come to the conclusion that good-looking phones would easily appeal to the newly-formed social group of style-conscious consumers. One of the future handsets with quite a style-centric design is the Samsung S8000 Cubic. It´s leaked specifications appeared on a Russian retailer’s website, but a bit later the information vanished from the page without a trace. Apparently, not fast enough though. Since touch-sensitive screens are all the rage right now, let´s start off by saying the Samsung S8000 features a 3.1-inch one with WVGA resolution, incorporating the AMOLED technology.

You are wondering how the S8000 Cubic has ended up with such an odd codename? It is said the phone is Samsung's first model to feature a new version of the TouchWiz interface that visualizes the different homescreen pages onto the sides of a cube, similarly to the LG's S-CLASS 3D UI. However, rumor has it that the S8000 would actually run the Google’s Android OS, which automatically makes the phone a whole lot more interesting than it currently is. Still, this seems quite unlikely. Other features of the phone include up-to-date must-haves such as Wi-Fi, A-GPS, 3.5mm jack, 5MP camera and 2 GB internal memory. It seems the S8000 Cubic will sport a quad-band GSM and a dual-band UMTS connectivity as well. That is pretty much all for now, but we will keep you posted as the story unfolds.

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1. SellPhones82

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I hope this is similar to the two Android phones Sammy is launching with T-Mo a Sprint.

2. heavybreathing

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God I love Samsung

3. attsucks

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God your a douchebag.

4. vzw fanman

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god i love at&t

5. ccarrier012

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God I love you guys. You're so cool!

6. attsucks

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God your a vzw b***h.

10. attsucks

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My post got deleted but once again, god your a douchebag.

7. McMillian

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God everyone is such an @sshole.

8. attsucks

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God i know right.

9. Fanboys Suck

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God is getting a lot of recognition in this post.

11. cybersam

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