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FCC gets visit from LTE enabled T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III

FCC gets visit from LTE enabled T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III
T-Mobile appears ready to launch its LTE pipeline in Las Vegas and Kansas City. Once the nation's fourth largest carrier starts blanketing the country with its LTE signal, it is expected that it will send out a software update to turn on the LTE support buried inside the Samsung GALAXY Note II and the Nokia Lumia 810. Additionally, T-Mobile is expected to add an LTE flavored version of the Samsung Galaxy S III to its lineup. Currently, the three devices use the mobile operator's HSPA+ network for 4G coverage.

T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S III with LTE support has just visited the FCC
Since the LTE-enabled version of the Samsung Galaxy S III would be using a different radio than its current model, the FCC needs to sign off on the device. The SGH-T999L, as the phone is known to its best pals, will still have that HSPA+ connectivity just in case you live in a spot that has not yet been covered by T-Mobile LTE. With the LTE support on bands 4 and 17, it's party time for AT&T customers using this device, as well.

The only possible downside here is that the Samsung Galaxy S IV is getting closer and closer and with possible new features like the rumored "eye scroll," which tracks your eyes to scroll content on the screen, who is going to want a phone without the latest and greatest capabilities?

source: FCC via TmoNews

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