FAQ for Google Glass might answer your questions about the device

FAQ for Google Glass might answer your questions about the device
Have a question about Google Glass? You might ask your next door neighbor's Amish neighbor who has a Wang Word Processor for the answer. Or there is always your barber. After all, he was the first one to tell you that not every Android model is a DROID. If those two don't know about Google Glass, you can always trust the pizza delivery boy who pulled out his HTC DROID ERIS and was so excited about only spending $150 for it on Craig's List for it last week. "It runs Android 2.1 and everything," you remember him gushing. Hopefully, you know better than asking anyone that sounds remotely like those three examples for information on Google Glass. Instead, you can go straight to the new FAQ page that Google has put up.

The information is broken down into four categories including general questions about Google Glass, questions about the specs' specs, security and privacy concerns and questions about Google Glass' software. Questions range from the most basic ("What does Glass do?") to more timely concerns ("What information is shared with third-party application developers?"). Google even gives an explanation on why Google Glass actually lowers a person's reliance on technology.

If you have some questions about Google Glass, you can now visit the official FAQ for the device, with a simple click on the sourcelink.

source: GoogleGlassFAQ via Engadget


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