Eten X500+ has VGA display

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Eten X500+ has VGA display
Similar to the M600+ and the G500+, the Eten X500+ is just an upgrade to a known platform (X500), changing just a few things. Well it is good start, considering the Samsung 400MHz processor, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 and all other features of the original PocketPC. The black X500+ will feature VGA 480x640 resolution of the display instead of the four times smaller QVGA 240x320. It will also run on Windows Mobile 6 instead of 5.

Still, the great drawback of lacking 3G is present, so the X800will do the job for those who need it.

source: SmartMania.CZ via PocketPCThoughts

*Update May 08, 2007: Eten officially announced the X500+. In addition to the large screen resolution, WM6 and black color of the housing, it also comes with new applications for easier managing of contacts, called "Namecard Manager".
source: Eten via PocketPCThoughts//Update


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