Eager for a physical keyboard without sacrificing screen space? Check out the WayTools TextBlade

Despite what the big slabs of glass in our hands might otherwise say, people like keyboards. Our on-screen renderings of such prove that. Even the most radical departures to aid with on-screen typing are still based on the QWERTY framework that has been around for a hundred years.

A company called WayTools has a solution that re-invents the physical keyboard in a ultra-slender design, while retaining a design that ensures no one has to relearn how to type. The TextBlade is a compact, Bluetooth connected keyboard that magnetically comes together, or collapses into a package that is smaller than an iPhone 4.

Even with haptic feedback, there is still something to be said about the real sensation of a physical keyboard, and the TextBlade uses touch technology and real keys to round out the experience. WayTools claims the same full finger spacing as found on a desktop, and 2mm of key travel with pressed.

A number of smart features are built into the compact design too. Called MultiLayer Key technology, special symbols and editing keys are within easy reach and access.

The TextBlade costs $99 and is compatible with iOS devices running version 7 and later, and “most” Android devices running 4.4 KitKat or later.  Judging by WayTools' calendar of availability, it looks like production of the TextBlade is barely keeping up with demand.  We can see why.

sources: WayTools via TNW


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