Dual-screen Nubia X leaks in the flesh, may take selfies with the rear camera and display


Nubia, an offshoot brand of ZTE, has been having some pretty wild ideas about the future of the cell phone form factors. After we previewed the Nubia Alpha, a handset that wraps around your wrist, now it is time for another concept to go from the design gurus to the production stage.

The wearable Alpha phone looks great but is not that big on screen real estate, of course, so Nubia will apparently go to the other extreme with one of its upcoming handsets and provide... two displays, front and back. 

At the front, the Nubia X (previously dubbed Z18S) looks like your regular giant 2018 phone with a 6.3" LCD panel (not a notch in sight, though), but you might get startled to turn it over and find a smaller, 5.1" OLED panel on the back. 

What could this one be used for? Well, snapping selfies with the higher quality rear camera, for starters, which may have allowed to skip the front camera, and achieve the incredibly thin top bezel you see above. Is this worth the extra battery drain? Well, it certainly is a more intriguing design decision for a bezel-less phone than a slide-out camera like on the Oppo Find X

We'll know more if and when Nubia announces this puppy. In the meantime, check out our hands-on time with the Nubia Alpha at the IFA expo last month.

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