Dr. Mario World arrives a day early for iOS and Android; Google has sales on games, movies and TV shows

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Nintendo's new mobile game, Dr. Mario World, can now be installed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store one day before its expected July 10th launch. Similar to Candy Crunch, Dr. Mario World is a match-three game that has you drag a capsule to knock out similar colored viruses to clear each stage. Over time the game gets a little harder with some viruses requiring multiple capsule hits before getting removed from the screen. Each stage gives the player a limited number of capsules to use.

The game, which is free with in-app purchases available, comes with five worlds to start. Nintendo says that it will be adding more over time. Speaking of time, there are timers that limit how long a player can spend playing the game during a session. However, players can spend real money to purchase currency for the game; the latter can be used to buy extra playing time or to take part in a gacha system that randomly unlocks new characters, assistants, and other helpful tools. If you don't want to spend real cash to accrue the currency used in the game, you can earn some from successfully clearing stages. Different characters have different attack and defense skills.

Dr. Mario World also supports multi-player mode using Facebook and Line. You can view the progress of your friends as they play the game, send them hearts, or take them on in Versus mode. When taking on an opponent, you can send them viruses by filling up your meter, making it harder for him or her to clear the stage. When your pal's stage is full, you win.

Google has games, movies and television series on sale

Nintendo is trying to play catch up after keeping its stable of characters off mobile phones until 2016's Super Mario Run launched. By last year, it had grossed over $60 million with over three-quarters coming from iOS users. The company followed up with titles like Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Dragalia Lost. Now that Dr. Mario World has been released, the next Nintendo mobile game will be Mario Kart Tour. That game will launch sometime this year.

Speaking of mobile games, Droid-Life has spotted a sale taking place in the Google Play Store. Some 120 titles have been reduced in price with some now available for free. Some of the games on sale include:

  • Dungeon999-$0.00 down from $0.99
  • Space Invaders 3D-$0.99 down from $1.49
  • Chess 3D Animation-$0.99 down from $2.99
  • Hero Evolution : SP-$0.00 down from $1.49
  • Whale Trail Classic-$1.99 down from $3.99
  • A Normal Lost Phone-$1.09 down from $3.49
  • Mister Kung-Fu-$1.49 down from $2.49
  • Word Search Game-$0.99 down from $1.99
  • TileStorm-$1.49 down from $2.49
  • Space Trading Profiteer-$0.99 down from $1.99
You probably never heard of most of these games or even the majority of the 120 on sale. But that doesn't mean that they aren't a fun way to kill some extra time.

The Google Play Store is also offering some hit movies for up to 50% off. For example, 2018's A Star Is Born can be purchased for $10.99, a 45% discount from the usual $19.99 price. The second Lego Movie, normally priced at $19.99, can also be purchased for $10.99. If television is your thing, you can pick up the 12th and final season of The Big Bang Theory for $14.99. Usually, you would pay $29.99 to own the entire season. The first season of This Is Us is priced at $4.99, down from $19.99. If you decide to buy it, make sure you have plenty of Kleenex around. Other television shows are also available for purchase at discounted prices.

Whether you like to play games, watch movies or binge-watch your favorite television series, it appears that Google has you covered this summer. Keep in mind that these price cuts are available for a limited time only.

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