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Do you need a waterproof phone or tablet?

Do you need a waterproof phone?
With the recent trend for waterproof designs, as well as P2i's imminent IPO to commercialize its "dunkable" nanocoating technology, we are on the brink of mass adoption. Just this season we've had the Sony continuing its great IP58-waterproofing tradition with the Xperia Z2, and eventually bringing it downmarket with the M2 Aqua. Samsung also chimed in for the first time with its flagship S5, introducing it with an IP67 tag, and kept the same certification for the S5 mini, too. Sony is truly at the forefront here, as it also waterproofs its tablet line, all the more impressive since its latest Z2 Tablet is also the slimmest slate in the world at the moment.

Other big manufacturers, however, like LG or HTC, are nonchalant about it, and both the G3 or One (M8), aren't sporting any protection from the liquid elements, though we did see HTC's finest survive in water more than what's fair. Having a waterproof handset or tablet is undoubtedly a bonus, as we can think of many situations where this would come in handy, and we don't mean plopping them in the toilet bowl by accident only, or using them in torrential rain, by the pool, or on the beach. You can actually watch movies in the bathtub on your Z2 Tablet or a big-screen phone, for instance, and not worry for a second about water damage, a pretty soothing thought no matter how you slice it. 

Still, in the vast majority of situations, we manage to survive with our regular handsets that aren't sealed from the elements, as they are usually in our pockets, purses, or hands. That is why we wanted to ask you how important is the waterproof aspect of a phone or a tablet for you, and whether you are considering it at all when choosing a mobile device. Tick something off in the poll below, and tell us how you feel about the waterproofing craze in the comments.

Do you need a waterproof phone or tablet?

Yes, I am usually looking to buy a waterproof mobile device
It's a nice bonus, but I'm using other criteria to decide on a phone or a tablet
No, I don't really care if my phone or tablet is waterproof or not
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