Do Apple AirPods fall out of your ears?


Apple's AirPods, the tiny wireless earbuds with a record, 5-hour battery life on each are now finally available after months of delay.

Now, as the first users have gotten these miraculous, but impossible-to-repair buds, the jury is out: do they stay in your ear or do they fall out?

While many are praising the Apple AirPods for their airy feel and right fit that does not allow them to fall out even when you run or shake your head vigorously, others say that - just like the EarPods - the new AirPods fall out of your ears with tremendous ease.

Yours truly writing this belongs to the second camp, the camp of people that never felt like the Ear / AirPods were designed for their ears, but it's interesting to know how many of us are out there. That's why we set up this poll: vote right below and let us know your feeling about Apple's new AirPods.

Do Apple AirPods fall out of your ears?

AirPods do NOT fall out of my ears
AirPods fall out of my ears easily
I did not get to test the AirPods yet
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