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Disappointed WP7 developer grabs Microsoft's attention

Disappointed WP7 developer grabs Microsoft's attention
This is the story of Danniel Tuppeny, a UK based software developer who fell under Microsoft's spotlight after expressing his frustration from Windows Phone 7 in a recent post on his personal blog. Being a loyal fan of Microsoft's mobile software platforms for about ten years, Daniel could hardly wait to witness the debut of WP7 smartphones on the British market, but eventually felt somewhat disappointed that Microsoft didn't seem to have delivered an “iPhone killer.”

Despite finding WP7 to be a great platform, Daniel was on his way of abandoning it in favor of the competition from other software giants. From his point of view, the most notable reason for moving away from Windows Phone was Microsoft's underwhelming marketing campaign in the UK, which did not build even nearly enough hype around WP7 smartphones. Daniel also outlined a number of issues with the operating system's performance such as unexpected drops during Bluetooth connections and bugs that prevented him from sending text messages to some of his contacts.

Daniel's article quickly grabbed the attention of online communities and even got reposted a number of times here and there. After his post reaching tens of thousands of views, it didn't take long before he got a call from MS representatives for a little talk. The feedback that Daniel gave them did not seem to have been viewed as offensive in any way and chances are it was taken by Microsoft quite seriously. It was admitted that WP7's launch had not been that spectacular due to a much lower budget in comparison to what was being spent on marketing in the U.S. and that Microsoft was guilty of not delivering software updates for its mobile platform in a timely manner.

It looks like software companies are looking for feedback from any direction nowadays. If you are also feeling that something is not quite right with your mobile OS of choice, do not hesitate to share it with the world. How about starting with leaving us a comment below?

source: Danny Tuppeny via wpcentral

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