Did you notice that Android may have a new logo?

There have been a couple big leaks regarding the first Android Wear device that is on the way, the LG G Watch. First, a full system dump leaked (we're checking through that now for any interesting info), and last night we showed you the boot animation and some watch faces for the G Watch. But, did you notice something different at the end of that animation?

Assuming the boot animation is final and official, it looks like Android may have a new logo, which is to say a new typeface for the Android logo, because the bugdroid is still going strong. In the image above you can see the original Android logo on top, which has been used for the past five and a half years of Android's commercial existence; and, below that is the Android logo shown in the LG G Watch boot animation (sorry for the quality of the image, the original video topped out at 144p). 

The new typeface is much simpler, and less futuristic than the original. Certainly it is easier to read. We're still trying to find out if it is real or not. But, if it is real, what do you guys think? Is it an improvement?


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