Did you know that only one of the two edges on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge can be actively used?


The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge's thunder is its display that curves on both sides for a futuristic effect that has never been available on a phone so far.

But did you know that only one of the edges can be actively used for the signature Samsung features like People Edge (quick access to your favorite contacts), Edge Lighting (where the edge lights up when you get incoming calls, messages, or other notifications), and Information Stream (the news/events ticker functionality)?

To be perfectly clear, the screen of the Galaxy S6 edge flows smoothly over to both edges, but the unique active functionality that is associated with the edge can only be accessed via one of the edges. You get to choose which edge would be the active one: the left or the right one, depending on whether you’re a rightie or a leftie.

This interesting little fact is just a part of the big picture of the Galaxy S6 edge, and that picture is illuminated in much more detail in our just-released S6 edge review. Feel free to take a look at it to learn more about Samsung’s new curvy 2015 flagship.

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