Did you know that Samsung once launched a phone with a nightvision camera?

Did you know that Samsung once launched a phone with a nightvision feature?
Quite a few odd cell phones have materialized over the years - phones with weird shapes, unusual designs, and unorthodox stand-out features. You know, phones like Sony's new selfie phone, the B&O Serenity, or Hyundai's wacky perfume phone. Today, we're spreading awareness of another member of the weirdos list, namely the Samsung SCH-W760.

Now, we won't blame you if you've never actually heard of this phone. After all, it was launched only in Samsung's homeland of Korea, where it sold for about $450. That was back in 2009. And the phone's design doesn't reveal anything particularly unusual about it - the W760 seemed to be a typical slider, with a pretty, 2.8-inch display. Still, it was an unusual phone, and what made it interesting was its "nightvision" front-facing camera. Simply put, the camera was sensitive to infra-red light. This allowed it to pick up an image, albeit a black-and-white one, even in complete darkness.

The fact that the Samsung SCH-W760 was a one-of-a-kind product leads us to believe that its nightvision feature didn't gain much of a fanbase. Perhaps image quality was to blame? Or the fact that nobody would really want to have a videochat in complete darkness? Our money is on the latter.

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