Lead designer of Monument Valley releases new game on Android

After making its debut on the Apple App store last month, Florence—the latest game by Monument Valley designer Ken Wong—is finally landing on Google Play. 

Just like the Monument Valley series, Florence is a game with a unique and endearing art style, but it's quite different gameplay-wise from the popular isometric puzzlers that preceded it. Florence is an interactive visual novel that follows the ups and downs of 25-year old Florence Yeoh, as she discovers herself and the meaning of true love. The game has a charming comic-book-inspired visual style that really lends itself well to the overarching theme and goes along perfectly with the melancholic, orchestrated soundtrack.

Gameplay-wise, Florence is divided into a couple of chapters, comprised of vignettes, that see players perform a plethora of activities as the relationship between Florence and Krish develops. There's no unifying gameplay mechanic here, no real puzzle solving, and that's absolutely fine. Florence is more of an experience. It's a lot like a beautiful graphic novel. It has a story to tell, and it wants to tell it in a certain way. Just so happens, it's also interactive and can be read on your smartphone.

Download Florence for Android


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