Deutsche Telekom is still going to support T-Mobile USA

Deutsche Telekom is still going to support T-Mobile USA
With no major placement shifts among the four major domestic wireless players, T-Mobile's stance of being fourth place made Deutsche Telekom consider at one point ditching their losses with T-Mobile USA. We've heard many things potentially going down over the course of the last year – such as the possibility of Sprint being bought up by Deutsche Telekom to strengthen its presence in the US market. There were slight echoes a couple months ago that hinted to some disappointment seen with T-Mobile USA with the possibility of Deutsche Telekom selling them off. Thankfully things have cooled down a bit after Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann reiterated to investors that the company is still committed in supporting T-Mobile USA. In fact this isn't the first time we're reported something like this, but back in 2005, we saw how Deutsche Telekom also remained committed in supporting T-Mobile USA. Obermann said, “After all, it is making us a great deal of money.” Even though they still lag behind Sprint in terms of customers, we've seen a huge resurgence in the company as a plethora of devices that have landed and are proving to be gold for the company. If T-Mobile can follow up the HTC HD2's stellar performance, they could eventually see themselves move out from their current position and into third place.

source: The Wall Street Journal via Phonescoop

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