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Despite recent stock surge, Nokia could be sliding on Palm-like downward spiral

Despite recent stock surge, Nokia could be sliding on Palm-like downward spiral
Nokia stock has surged to over $4 apiece today as hopes are mounting that the Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 is selling well, but that might be only temporary. Barclay Capital’s Jeff Kvaal, analyst of the wireless industry, noted many similarities in this growth to the one Palm had just when it released the Pre.

“Taking a look back historically, both Palm and Nokia saw significant upward moves in their stock price ahead of major device launches — Nokia ahead of the N8 (Symbian^3) launch in 2010 and Palm with the Pre in late Spring/Summer 2009,” Kvaal said. “In both cases, the stocks declined materially post launch.”

Kvaal also goes on to say the same could hold true for HTC and RIM. The analyst noted that it is unlikely for all three companies to be on the comeback.

HTC is expected to release a 5-inch 1080p monster phone early next year, but expectations of the analyst are that its success would only last for the short time before the Samsung Galaxy S IV launch. And when it comes to RIM, the challenge there is to sell BlackBerry 10 devices to more than just its traditional customers.

Do you agree with those opinions, or could Nokia, HTC and RIM finally be coming back?

source: BGR


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