Delta calls the cops on Viber CEO for using his own app mid-air

Delta calls the cops on Viber CEO for using his own app mid-air
Talmon Marco, the CEO of the popular VoIP app Viber, was caught red-handed using his own up via the in-flight Internet service GoGo on a Delta aircraft. The flight attendant kindly asked him to stop as there was an FAA policy against the usage of VoIP app such as Skype and the like, to which the CEO responded that he is not aware of any such rule, and kept on yapping.

It turned out that this actually is a Delta rule, made for the comfort of other passengers, which anyone that has been sitting next to a chatterbox on a plane can wholeheartedly agree with. Another flight attendant that came to remedy the situation, said that it was actually a rule of the GoGo in-flight Wi-Fi service, and handed Mr Marco an FAA brochure.

He tried to take a picture of it, at which point the attendant decided to transform her mere opinion about the CEO as a difficult passenger into action, and called on the La Guardia airport cops to wait on the tarmac. What happened next?

So, remember, no VoIP apps on Delta flights, and no Words with Friends on AA. United seems to be up for anything, as no celeb or CEO has been reported for geeky wrongdoing during flight there.

via TNW

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