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Custom watch faces start to show up in the Google Play Store

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Custom watch faces start to show up in the Google Play Store
Those familiar with the Pebble smartwatch, know that thanks to third party developers, users of the timepiece have a selection of different watch faces that allows them to change the look of their smartwatch. The same thing is beginning to happen with Android Wear flavored smartwatches. Android Wear is the new Android based platform for wearables, including smartphones.

Now available in the Google Play Store, is a new custom watchface from a developer named "Byte Me Software." Called Binary Watch Face, you probably noticed right away, the absence of numbers. Instead, a series of lights helps you figure out what time it is. An accompanying app allows you to customize the colors used.

While in resting mode, you see the hours and minutes on the display, while the seconds are added in active mode. The app is going to be free to install, with other customization choices requiring an in-app purchase. One of the best features of a smartwatch, the watch face apps will allow you to completely change the look of your wearable at will.

With the LG G Watch already shipping to some users and the Samsung Gear Live expected to start shipping on Tuesday, we should start to see a lot more watch face choices for Android Wear powered smartwatches.

source: Binary Watch Face via AndroidCentral

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