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Cushi Band Frame Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on

Cushi Band Frame Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on
Do you love the look of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but don’t want its look to be tainted by adding some kind of case? Well, if you want a minimalist look, while still giving just a smidgen of protection, you might want to look into the Cushi Band – yes, the Cushi Band. At its core, it’s a bumper case that covers the outer bezel of the sleek smartphone.

Utilizing a dual injection mold, which consists of polycarbonate and thermo-plastic polyurethane, the flexible Cushi Band offers protection around the entire edge of the Galaxy S4 – similar to Apple’s bumper case for its iPhone. However, it means that the rear casing and display are still left exposed to the elements. If there’s one design aspect that we like about the Cushi Band, it’s that the display and rear casing won’t get scratched if it’s laid flat on either side. At the same time, you get that minimalist look with the prized smartphone – plus, it’s available in a wide range of rainbow colors.

Seeing that the Cushi Band only covers the outer bezel of the Galaxy S4, it’s nice to see that it’s priced reasonably at $9.95 online. Now if you’re worried about this thing coming off inexplicably, we’ll tell you that the Cushi Band stays firmly in place and requires some force to actually be removed entirely.

source: id America

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posted on 09 May 2013, 14:17

1. mdroid (Posts: 48; Member since: 15 Mar 2013)

this means phonearena is not getting enough tech news to post!!

posted on 09 May 2013, 21:02 3

3. Azure01 (Posts: 127; Member since: 16 Aug 2011)

Or that the s4 is a popular new phone with people looking for protection for their device.

posted on 09 May 2013, 22:42 3

4. spideyhead256 (Posts: 148; Member since: 05 Nov 2012)

seriously? just because it's the galaxy s4? -_-

posted on 09 May 2013, 15:58

2. McLTE (Posts: 922; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

What I'd like to know is who's behind the photography that is instructing these reviewers to use the no thumb approach.. IT LOOKS RIDICULOUS!

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