Coupon app Milk gets pulled from the App Store for some retooling

Coupon app Milk gets pulled from the App Store for some retooling
The Milk in the Apple App Store has turned sour. The Milk app has been temporarily pulled while the developers begin "working with manufacturers and grocery stores on a new version of Milk that delivers a better experience for more people." For $9.99 a month, users scanned the reward card that they received from their local grocery store, while hundreds of digital coupons would be loaded onto the card.

While you shopped, you would hit the "Update Coupons" button to make sure that the latest digital coupons had been added to your card. As you checked out, you would scan the card, and all of the items with a coupon would have their price reduced automatically. Milk was offering new subscribers 3 free months before the monthly fee would start to be charged.

While working to improve Milk, coupons that have been added to your rewards card are still saved, and no one will be charged for the service even if their free three months have expired. If you were a Milk user, there is no harm in giving the app one last refresh to see if any more coupons will come your way.

Hopefully, when Milk returns it will have expanded its functionality, because at $9.99 a month, you would need to scan quite a few coupons to make subscribing to the service worthwhile.

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