Cortana now shows you trending news based on your location

Cortana now shows you trending news based on your location
News junkie? There are plenty of apps available that bring you up to speed on world and national  news. And now, Cortana will enlighten you on trending news based on your location. In other words, if you live in Sleepy Town, Wyoming you might not be interested in the results from Australian Rules Football contests. But the voice activated personal assistant will show you hot news from the region and country that you live in, all without having to select topics that you want to read about.

If a particular trending story is of interest to you, tapping on it will eventually lead to its source. Some of the stories will be very local. The idea is to present you with news that might actually be important to you,

As we told you the other day, Android users will soon be receiving a Cortana app. If you're an Android device user who can't wait for Cortana to be available to download and install, you can sideload a leaked APK. Since it is not based on the final version, it is not going to have all of the features that Cortana for Android will eventually have. Still, you might find it useful as a tool.

source: @gcaughey via WMPoweruser


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