Trooper catches man playing Pokemon Go on eight different phones at one time

Trooper catches man playing Pokemon Go on eight different phones at one time
Pokemon Go was a phenomenon when it launched back in July 2016. That summer, you would see groups of teens, huddled together like Zombies on the prowl, looking down at their handsets trying to spot and catch the pocket monsters. And while the game remains popular and still rakes in the dough, it has lost much of its luster. However, there are still some who believe that their sole raison de vivre is to be the best Pokemon trainer in the world.

Yesterday, a tweet from Trooper Rick Johnson (via Seattle Times), a Public Information Officer for King County, relayed an interesting tale. On Tuesday evening, Washington State Patrol Sergeant Kyle Smith spotted a car pulled off to the side of a busy highway. When he went to the vehicle to check on the driver, he found an unidentified man playing Pokemon Go on eight different phones at the same time. The phones were placed inside cutouts made on a piece of foam with the devices placed in two rows of four phones each.

Since the man wasn't spotted driving while playing the eight games, he couldn't be ticketed for that. However, no one is allowed to park on the shoulder of the road in Washington unless it is an emergency. And we would guess that trying to catch a wild Pidgey wouldn't be considered an emergency (a Mewtwo, however, just might be). So the officer simply told the driver to put the games away and get back on the road.

Unless you can give us a Pokemon Go related story that tops this one, we'd have to give this unnamed trainer the title of the world's biggest Pokemon Go fanatic.


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