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Commandr for Google Now doesn't require you to say "note to self" anymore

Google Now is scoring more and more useful features in its bag with each and every update, but it is still devoid of a much-anticipated functionality - the ability to switch the toggles of your device on and off. While it's pretty unclear if such a feature will make an appearance on the voice assistant at all, a 3rd-party app delivered. We are talking about Commandr for Google Now, an app that further-improved the functionality of Google Now. Initially, it allowed one to fire up Google Now and control the various hardware toggles by saying "note to self".

Well, we already presented Commandr to you shy of a week ago, but a pretty incremental update just hit the app. It seems that the developer of Commandr found a neat workaround and version 2.0 of the app no longer requires you to say "note to self" in order to use it along with Google Now. Instead, you can just open Google Now and say, for example, "Turn off Wi-Fi", "Turn on the flashlight", or even "Next song". That's right, Commandr allows you to change tracks via Google Now, too. 

In addition to this neat addition, the latest version of the app prevents Google Now from saying "Saving note", which was previously uttered every time the voice assistant acknowledged your commands and slowed down the execution of the command a little. Last, but certainly not least - Commandr now works in a precise offline concert with Google Now.

All in all, it seems that what was a so-so functional app just became a must-have for those who heavily rely on Google Now's service on a daily basis. The icing of the cake is that Commandr doesn't require your device to have root access and is available for free. 

Download: Commandr for Google Now (Android)

via: Reddit
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