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Comic strip shows why Snapchat has no official Windows Phone app

While Windows and Windows Phone combined now offer 560,000 apps, one app that has yet to hit the platform is Snapchat. The messaging app allows users to send messages that self-destruct after ten seconds. A comic strip tweeted by @App4Windows finds the humor in the app's inability to be found in the Windows Phone Store.

Snapchat is not the only popular app that has yet to be found in the Windows Phone Store. A number of high profile apps have not taken the plunge (no pun intended), believing that Windows Phone has such a small market share, it wouldn't be worthwhile to develop a version for the platform. And while BlackBerry suffers from an even lower market share, the current BlackBerry OS allows users to use Android apps. In fact, the Amazon Appstore, which is loaded with Android apps, comes with BlackBerry 10.3. We wouldn't say that the apps run as smoothly as they do on an Android device, but it still is an option for BlackBerry users to consider.

If you need a little chuckle tonight, or perhaps a guffaw or two, check out the comic strip to the right.

source: @App4Windows via WMPoweruser
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