Colorblind - here are 10 of the most color-inaccurate smartphones out there

Colorblind - here are 10 of the most color-inaccurate smartphones out there
Last week, we sang the odes and praises of ten of the most color-accurate smartphones you can buy. And we figured it wasn't necessary to wait much longer before we spelled the gloom and doom of their hopelessly color-inaccurate counterparts. Here they are, 10 smartphones you should never order clothes on, because it will turn out that red shirt you just scored from Amazon sale is, in reality, pink, and the error wasn't on the seller's part! Or God forbid, showcase your design and painting work on - you'll learn the true meaning of "reality distortion".

The lineup covers not only entry-level and low to mid-range devices, where abysmal displays are largely the norm - most of the time, you get what you pay for, right? There's a meaty selection of recent and not so recent flagship devices as well! Last year Sony, Samsung, and Oppo, for example, had a thing for over-saturated displays that looked great in the showroom, but quite removed from reality as our display tests objectively demonstrated. 

As always, feel free to browse to our Benchmarks page, and check the Display measurements table for more devices and detailed information.


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