Cisco's Chambers sees mobile data prices plunging

Cisco's Chambers sees mobile data prices plunging
Did you know that if you bought 1000 shares of Cisco back in 1990, today you'd have more money than Paul McCartney? Well, maybe not, but you certainly would be living quite comfortably. In fact, you'd have so much money that it really wouldn't matter to you that Cisco's CEO John Chambers told those assembled at D11 that mobile data prices are set to come down quickly.

The forecast by Chambers comes despite a forecast of a 300% increase in data traffic over the next five years. "Price points are going to come down rapidly," stated the executive. The Cisco CEO also predicted that universal connectivity is on the way thanks to SP Wi-Fi, or Cisco’s "Service Provider Wi-Fi". This uses unlicensed spectrum to carry network traffic coming from the carriers and will save them big bucks, allowing you to reap some of the savings. Chambers says Wi-Fi will account for 80% to 90% of the growth of cellular networks.

A future with lower data plan costs? Now that is something to look forward to!

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source: AllThingsD

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