Chromecast and other accessories for connecting your phone or tablet to the TV review

Chromecast and other accessories to connect your phone or tablet to the TV
We've all been there, lounging on the couch with our phone or tablet and wishing we could stream videos from the internal storage, Netflix, YouTube and so on to the largest screen in the house right in front of us. 

Google's Chromecast, Samsung's HomeSync, HTC's Media Link HD, Sony's Personal Content Station, Apple TV - everyone is scrambling for a solution to connect our most personal of gadgets, like phones and tablet, to the largest screen in the house. Wireless streaming is, of course, preferable for our lazy ways, but we don't mind the occasional cable snake if the mobile device can be hooked that way for cheap, or if the wireless sees too many interruptions, as is often the case.

There are streaming hubs and dongles for the wireless part, in case you don't have a DLNA-capable TV, and adapters for almost any kind of port for the wired way, including for older TV sets without an HDMI input, so check out a few of them in our slideshow below to know what you are in for when considering a TV hookup on the cheap.

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