Check out this video rendering of a wearable iOS device - is it the future?

Check out this video rendering of a wearable iOS device - is it the future?
As we reported late last year, Apple has a small number of employees working on prototyping iOS-driven wearable computing devices. It’s nothing like the effort put into Google’s Project Glass, but with the popularity of watch-band accessories for the touchscreen iPod Nano Apple clearly wanted to stay on top of the trend.

In particular they were said to be exploring a wrist-worn curved glass display, presumably something like an iOS watch that would be thinner than the iPod Nano + wrist strap holder. Designer Federico Ciccarese, who frequently creates renders of potential Apple products, has a rather more unique take on this product. He seems to envision the device more as a primary mobile device, with a larger screen that you would let you use more advanced apps than a watch with a Nano-sized screen would allow.

The design is certainly distinctive, with an almost arachnid-like feel when the device isn’t being worn. Would you be interested in a wearable computer from Apple like this? Would you prefer a more discrete watch-sized device, or are you holding out for Google Glass-like computer that can be worn on your head?

source: Ciccarese Design via 9to5Mac


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