Check out this cool (but scrapped) Apple Watch band prototype design with a metal buckle

Check out this scrapped Apple Watch band prototype design with a metal buckle
Do you think Apple is boring for bringing a lot of the same design over and over? Even if so, the company is at least experimenting with how to shake things up, and a new leak by known leaker StellaFudge shows an Apple Watch band prototype that well... yep, looks quite different than what we've been used to.

The experimental silicone band has a metal buckle on it, making it very stand-out-ish. The design was, of course, never released by Apple. Instead of the traditional pin on the band, it comes with an adjustable metal buckle and clickable mechanisms. The band here is red, but it is said that a white prototype was also created.

On top of that, it's said Cupertino also made leather prototypes in Saddle Brown, Red, and Ultraviolet.

The leaker also added that the adjustment is similar to a sport band but has a greater degree of support for wrists. It's not clear why Apple decided to ditch this model, but the leaker believes it's because adjusting the buckle could be annoying. On top of that, probably that design is more difficult to produce as well.

I personally think the prototype band looks quite good and is so much more interesting than the regular bands we've become accustomed to. I wish Apple doesn't entirely scrap this idea, and maybe works on having it sometime in the future as an option for a future Apple Watch.

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