Check out the swiveling camera of the upcoming Oppo N3 and its faux leather finish

Check out the swiveling camera of the upcoming Oppo N3 and its faux leather finish
At this point, Oppo seems pretty eager to show us its upcoming flagship and successor to the Oppo N1 – the Oppo N3. The manufacturer has done everything else but keep mum on is upcoming pride and glory, as it already revealed that the device will be available in two variations – both a sturdy stainless steel and a lightweight aluminum-lithium one, which is widely used in aerospace industry. Oppo will also endow the device with a new cooling system on board, which will keep things on the cooler side of the thermometer.

But one of the most compelling features of Oppo's new device is the rotatable camera, similar to the one of the Oppo N1. Keep it on the back and use it as a regular snapper or turn it to the front for the occasional selfie or two, the Oppo N3 will get you covered. There were, in fact, many speculations about the looks of the N3 and the camera in particular, but Oppo quickly dispersed many of these by treating us to a beautiful shot of the rotating camera of the device. A dual-LED flash is on board, and as we already heard, the camera will swivel 206 degrees, though this can't be verified by Oppo's image.

Quite surprisingly, it is adorned with faux leather, somewhat similar to the finish of some Samsung devices such as the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition). Apart from the design, rumors now has it that the camera will be a 16MP one (initially, we heard that the N3 will have a 13MP swiveling snapper at its top). 

The Oppo N3 will be officially unveiled on October 29. Judging by the numerous bits of information that Oppo treats us to, however, we might know a big portion of the specs sheet well before the announcement.

source: Oppo via GizmoBic



1. pureviewuser

Posts: 501; Member since: Nov 11, 2012

Maybe if Apple copies the swivelling camera to the iPhone 6 plus they would have the world's first 360 degree camera!!!!'

2. Martin_Cooper

Posts: 1774; Member since: Jul 30, 2013

I doubt Apple would copy a stupid idea. Having moving parts on a phone is bad idea. More parts to be broken on a device you use every day and gets dropped etc. Not to mention if something breaks it might get stuck in front facing position leaving you without a back camera on your phone. Just so many issues that can happen with this.

4. geordie8t1 unregistered

why is it a stupid idea, if you are careful with your device there should be no problems, there was no such complaints when the previous oppo N1 which by the way was very well built, if the construction is sound then there should be no worries about stuff jamming......

6. steodoreben

Posts: 379; Member since: Sep 26, 2013

"Having moving parts on a phone is bad idea." SRSLY? Talk about innovation, Oppo deserves an award. Oppo N1/N3 is a well-built smartphone, tried and tested. It really annoys me that Apple Inc. always claim that they're first of the first, innovative, revolutionary and etc. Think again, they copy also and they don't just admit it. Can't handle criticisms, eh?

3. pureviewuser

Posts: 501; Member since: Nov 11, 2012

I was only joking though good point on your behalf

5. CoastCity

Posts: 257; Member since: Mar 07, 2014

Ugly and useless stitching

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