Case Scenario’s Pantone Universe Bookcase for iPhone 5 hands-on

Case Scenario’s Pantone Universe Bookcase for iPhone 5 hands-on
Case stands aren’t anything new, if you haven’t noticed that already on our site. In fact, we’ve checked out a ton of different versions that encompass a wide array of implementations, but for the most part, they all basically follow the same formula. At first glance, Case Scenario’s Pantone Universe Bookcase for the iPhone 5 seems to traverse the same trodden path, but interestingly enough, it packs a couple off differences that get us to take notice.

Let’s talk about design here folks, seeing that it’s the first thing that’ll catches our eyes from afar. For the most part, it’s sporting a uniform color pattern throughout its body, however, we do like how the front white strip with our “tap shoe” version is able to give the case a decent amount of contrast. Comprised out of Nubuck material, which for the most part does a great job of repelling smudges and fingerprints, it comes off a little bit rubbery in terms of feel – though, there’s a rough feel to it as well.

Even though all of the iPhone 5’s ports and buttons are accessible, it’s tiring to see yet another case that lacks a cutout on the front for easy access to its earpiece. Despite that, we absolutely love how this one discretely incorporates two magnets that keeps the front cover firmly closed, which is rare amongst folio-like cases for the iPhone 5. Still, it irks us that they didn’t decide to put magnets on the underside of the case, so we don’t have to fiddle around with a flapping front portion when using the handset.

Eventually, we’re presented with the case stand portion of the Panton Universe Bookcase. Honestly, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, as grooves on the interior portion of the front case acts as a barrier to keep the handset propped up in landscape. As a whole, it gets the job done, but since it’s freestanding, there isn’t that solid feel – and instead, it feels rather flimsy. Priced at $49.99, it definitely is a pricey thing for a general case stand, but hey, some people won’t mind dishing out that tally.

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