Built-in wireless charging tipped for the Galaxy S6, boosting speculation for a glass rear

Built-in wireless charging tipped for the Galaxy S6, boosts speculation for a glass rear
Competing wireless charging standards aside, Korean publications are abuzz this morning that the Galaxy S6 will have the juicing-sans-cables concept embedded in its chassis. 

Blessing us with a unibody phone, which will be a first for the Galaxy S line, Samsung has apparently decided to compensate for the sealed battery compartment with highly efficient inductive charging for the Galaxy S6. This might also have something to do with the famed rich accessory ecosystem that Samsung is reportedly prepping around its new flagship.

Still, the question remains - if Samsung has clad the Galaxy S6 in an all-metal unibody, how is the wireless charging supposed to happen at all, and in a highly efficient manner at that? This pours more water in the metal-and-glass fusion rumor mill, which states that, while the frame will be metal, the front and rear of the S6 will be covered with premium glass - a half-metal jacket of sorts. In any case, short of a real spy photo, we'd probably have to wait two more weeks for the phone to truly reveal itself, so we are arming ourselves with patience for now, at least until we land in Barcelona for the grand unveiling.

source: Naver via G4Games

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