BroApp is the digital wingman that handles soft-communicating to your girlfriend with chivalry and fidelity

Developer: Factorial ProductsDownload: Android, iOS
Genre: CommunicationPrice: Free

"Congratulations, you just outsourced your relationship!" We wish, oh how we wish we could top Men's Health description of the mighty BroApp, but alas, our literary ambition will remain discontent and unfulfilled. At least there's BroApp to keep our relationships in check! And this is the best bro we've ever had. Imagine the convenience of having a trusty digital wingman that will never break the bro code by snitching your girlfriend away, but will always be there when you're preoccupied with your manliness and can't find the time to provide her with her well-deserved sweet nothings.

Basically, you set-up BroApp with your girlfriend's phone number so it can send messages to her. Then, you choose said messages. You can enter your own or use BroApp's built-in conversation starters, closers, and ice-breakers. Then, you'll have your BroApp send chosen messages when you connect to specific Wi-Fi networks - your home, work, and girlfriend's - on specific days. You'll be giving your cupcake automated love every day of the week. Or every other day. Or Sunday only. Whatever is it, BroApp will oblige. The last steps are choosing the specific times or occasions on which the messages will be sent, and confirming them. You're set! BroApp has you covered.

Understandably, you wouldn't want your darling to find out you've outsourced your relationship to your smartphone, because she probably won't appreciate the convenience. Which is why BroApp knows a number of tricks reserved only for the best wingmen. It has a Girlfriend WiFi Detector, which prevents it from sending messages when you're at her place. It has a Girlfriend Intrusion Detector, which will prevent her from uncovering your secret pact. And it has a Recent Contact Detector, which prevents it from sending messages if you recently called or texted honey on your own. You are so smart, BroApp. High-five!

BroApp is free and available for bros running Android and iOS.


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