Brilliant is an app for all the beautiful minds out there

Developer: Brilliant.orgDownload: Android
Genre: EducationPrice: Free (with optional subscription)

Brilliant is an app and community in which all the geniuses out there will feel like children in a candy store. A sleek, quick, and functional app, Brilliant presents its users with hundreds of challenges from a wide variety of topics - mostly in the field of advanced maths, physics, and computer science. Choose a category, choose a problem, solve it, and be proud of the well-oiled machine you've trained your brain into. 

When you are done slinging formulas, equations and algorithms around like you're interviewing for a job at SpaceX, Brilliant lets you chill in the online company of fellow supercharged minds like yours, discuss problems and solutions, make friends (mostly in India - cheers for great education!), and post your own challenges in the community. Each challenge and its solutions can be discussed, disputed for insufficient information, and given a 'Yes' or 'No'. 

You can also save problems and solutions for later viewing, and pick up practice curriculums in different topics. However, if you want to progress beyond the fundamental levels (i.e. from Algebra I to Algebra II), you will have to pay for a monthly or annual subscription. Subscribing provides unlimited access to problems (like Jay Z, you will have at least 99 problems to worry about), full practice maps, a Scratchpad to take notes, and more. Brilliant's social component lets you explore posts by various users, follow said users' profiles (after making one yourself), and search for things that interest you inside the community.

Brilliant is just that - a brilliant app for the nerdiest of nerds; for those to whom Sudoku is not enough; for those about to face a difficult project or exam; and even for those who like to have fun solving math problems. Try the free version for Android, and if you are an iOS, Windows Phone, or even a BlackBerry user keeping the faith, simply visit for the web experience.


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