Bluesky introduces "starter packs" to help new users find their community

Bluesky introduces "starter packs" to help new users find their community
Image credit — Bluesky

Bluesky has introduced a new feature called "starter packs" to help both new and existing users discover relevant accounts and custom feeds on the platform. This move aims to address the common challenge of finding interesting content when joining a new social network.

Starter packs are essentially curated lists of up to 50 accounts and three custom feeds, tailored around specific interests or themes. Existing users can create and share these packs, making it easier for newcomers to quickly populate their feeds with relevant content. The feature is not only useful for new users as even those who have been on Bluesky for a while can benefit from discovering new accounts and feeds through starter packs.

Starter packs can be shared on Bluesky | Image credit — Bluesky

One of the highlights of this feature is its integration with Bluesky's custom feeds. These are algorithmic feeds created by users, offering a personalized way to consume content. Starter packs often include custom feeds alongside recommended accounts, making it even easier to find relevant topics.

The introduction of starter packs comes at a time when many users are seeking alternatives to platforms like Twitter. By providing a curated onboarding experience, Bluesky hopes to attract and retain users who are looking for a more tailored and engaging social media experience.

To access starter packs, users can either scan a QR code shared by someone or find them directly on the Bluesky platform. The feature is available to all Bluesky users and can be used to discover new accounts, explore custom feeds, and connect with communities of shared interests.

With starter packs, Bluesky not only simplifies the onboarding process but also encourages the exploration of a variety of content within the platform. Whether you're new to Bluesky or a long-time user, starter packs should offer a convenient way to connect with like-minded people.

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