BlackBerry CEO John Chen sends T-Mobile chief John Legere a special "Batman" BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry CEO John Chen sends T-Mobile chief John Legere a special "Batman" BlackBerry Classic
Those who follow T-Mobile CEO John Legere know that the executive is a huge Batman fan. Heck, the caped crusader is all over Legere's Twitter page. June 4th was Legere's birthday and he received a special present from John Chen. The BlackBerry CEO sent his counterpart at T-Mobile a "Batman" themed BlackBerry Classic.

It was nice gesture on the part of Chen and cemented the new-found friendship between the two mobile executives. The BlackBerry Classic is symbolic because it is the first BlackBerry handset offered by T-Mobile after BlackBerry ended its relationship with the carrier on April 25th, 2014. You might recall that it was a promotion from T-Mobile that started the bad blood between the two Johns. Chen bristled at an email that T-Mobile had sent out recommending that T-Mobile subscribers swap their 'Berry for a new Apple iPhone 5s. At the time, T-Mobile had already stopped selling BlackBerry handsets in its physical stores.

The fight escalated and Legere hinted that Chen was a MySpace user. For a tech exec, being called a member of that social ghost town is probably one of the worst insults possible. T-Mobile's CEO has a rapier wit that cuts and bleeds and the straight arrow Chen was the perfect foil for Legere. But as adults are wont to do, the two patched up their differences, culminating in the generous gift sent by Chen.

What we'd like to see is Chen and Legere star in a version of The Odd Couple broadcast on Periscope. We see Chen as the fastidious Felix and Legere playing the devil-may-care Oscar. Sounds like a hit to us.

source: @JohnLegere via Crackberry

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