BlackBerry CEO Chen confirms that another flagship 'Berry is on the way

BlackBerry CEO Chen confirms that another flagship 'Berry is on the way
In a published interview, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that another flagship model is coming from the Canadian manufacturer. The just introduced BlackBerry Q20, with its physical QWERTY keyboard, old school TrackPad and function keys, is the model being produced for the die-hard BlackBerry fan. But Chen says another new phone is being designed to attract new customers to BlackBerry.

Chen couldn't guarantee that this model would launch in 2014. This could be the rumored 64 bit octa-core powered 'Berry that was originally expected next year, but has apparently been put on the fast track by BlackBerry and could see the light of day in September. We would expect to see this device include some rather tasty specs as BlackBerry pulls out all of the stops in a bid to attract the iOS/Android buyer.

With the BlackBerry Q20, the company is taking care of the little things that it should have done with the BlackBerry Q10. This device is made for the man or woman who still proudly uses the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. Chen hinted at strengthening its partnership with at least two major U.S. carriers, and added that he had talks with one of them. "I'll be surprised if they don't want it," Chen said. "I'll work hard to get them to want it."

Unlike Heins, Chen seems to be seriously locked into the customer experience. And the current CEO also realizes that BlackBerry has a history of overpromising and underdelivering. With that in mind, we could see BlackBerry deliver a device later this year that nobody would have ever expected from them. And also expect more informative marketing from BlackBerry. The lack of such education from the company was mentioned by Chen as a major failure of the prior administration.

Sounds like for the first time in perhaps forever, BlackBerry is in capable hands.

source: CNET



1. cornerofthemoon

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3. thealphageek1

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Begone troll. Offer some meaningful comments or don't offer anything at all.

2. Kishin

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5+'' FHD 3200mAh at 2.5GHz

4. thealphageek1

Posts: 942; Member since: Feb 02, 2013

BlackBerry is now in good hands with John Chen as their leader. He has the company executing faster and is driving the company in the right direction. Can't wait for their new high-end flagship to be announced.

5. Zenzui

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Good luck Chen! I hope you can really turn back BB around. This is needed on the eco system of Smartphone to avoid monopolizing from other 2 big players, even if I'm an android user.

6. jellmoo

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I'm disappointed that Blackberry didn't have Chen at the helm way earlier. BB10 is a hell of a platform that is incredibly functional and appealing. I really think that Chen would have made much better decisions in planning and executing on the BB10 release, and subsequently marketing it a lot better than the previous management did.

7. DigitalJedi_X2

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Wait... Did Alan F just write a Blackberry article without taking potshots at BB? I'd better go check outside. Pigs must be flying around.

8. verty

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Chen is just a loveable guy. See execution!!!!!. That former CEO was just a slow thinking individual. Even if BB fails I am so super impressed with this fellow called Chen. Keep going Chen things are shifting already. I am seriously thinking to sell my iPhone for a z30......

9. tenzin

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I am former android users and proud owner if BlackBerry z30. New BlackBerry is best os I ever had in my hands after androids, wp and ios also forgot mention symbian

10. x78_nothing

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Also too many BB bs even as a writer like someone in this site *wink wink *

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