BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch accessory pictured

BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch accessory pictured
A while back ago, there was a story circulating about a BlackBerry watch that would utilize bluetooth to pass along notifications and preview emails from your handset. Based on some renderings that Crackberry has obtained of what they call the "real deal", the watch is actually coming and is being called inPulse. It is an accessory and is not made to replace your 'Berry. Instead, it is designed for those times when you can't-or shouldn't be-holding on to your handset. You can tuck your phone into a drawer or briefcase within Bluetooth range, and use the watch to check for emails or messages. When the device vibrates, you can see if the email or message is something thast needs to be addressed immediately. If it does, you can grab your handset and respond. Otherwise, you can concentrate on whatever it is that you are doing at the time.

The inPulse has been designed especially for BlackBerry by a company that makes dedicated 'Berry accessories. The screen is "big, bright and beautiful" thanks to OLED which also gives it good battery life. The thinking is that eventually the watch API's will become available to developers so that notifications from third party apps could be displayed on the watch. To drive home this major point, unlike LG's GD910, the watch does not replace your phone or make or take calls.It merely alerts you to messages or emails that have reached your BlackBerry handset. Within the business world there could be a use for something like this during meetings or other times when constant looking at your cellphone display would be considered bad form.

source: Crackberry

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